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People Hate Elon Musk… On Twitter!

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Elon Musk sucks. His jokes are extremely corny (seriously, if you think his flamethrower-epic-bacon sense of humor rules, you probably thought Suicide Squad was edgy). Plus, Elon Musk is a big talking blow-hard whose promises don’t live up to his statements. So if you’re like me and in the minority of online people — most of whom seem to love this reprehensible dork (these tech billionaires sure do seem to love grinding their employees into meat dust!) — here are a bunch of tweets for you. And to the people who do not hate Elon Musk and will get mad at these — I know your instinct would be to @ the writers incessantly (especially if they are women, *wink*) but I compiled them, so feel free to come talk sh*t to me. You cannot hurt me, for I am already dead.

Tesla and Space X? More like *fart sound that rings out for all of eternity*