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People on the Internet Do the Darndest Things

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Sarah‘s weekly post on what America is doing with its life.

This week America celebrated Easter and Passover, respectively. But what America was really into was April Fools Day.

They put down the Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, and Matzah Balls, just long enough to play classic jokes on one another via the internet.

Did you miss some of the great ones this year? Here’s a recap.

America was convinced that Justin Bieber bought Funny Or Die and renamed it Bieber or Die.

Google called itself Topeka…and no one really got it.

Gmail suffered a vowel outage.

Ben and Jerry’s convinced people to lick their computer screens to taste virtual ice cream.

Google revealed a translation app for animals. (How many pranks was Google in on, anyway?)

Lady Gaga was reported dead.

And who could forget Anthony posing nude?

Another April Fools come and gone. Lady Gaga is still alive and none of these things are true. Oh, April Fools Day, you get us every time.