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The University of Texas is considering changing the name of a dorm that was originally named after a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

This seems like this is a no-brainer since U.T. dropped their Bachelors in Fine Racism degree like 60 years ago.  Go Longhorns!  It seems like all a bunch of different names offend people these days, and some people even say some of this stuff should be renamed.


Like the town of Anazhole-Sezwutt, Montana, named after it’s beloved founders Yer Anazhole, Jr. and James Fitzroy Ajerk Sezwutt.  Apparently, people take offense to the “foreign” sounding name of the town.


Colonel Hick’s Famous “Impossumable To Resist” BBQ Sauce boasts a “tar smoked flavor smushed into every bite.”


The Northern American Elk is a majestic symbol of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, even though these days you can only find ‘em between the British Columbian cities of Cranbrook, Kaiduh, and Kamloops.  As if their “endangered” status isn’t enough, a group of know-it-all scientists are now trying to change the species’ scientific name, Elk Kaiduh.     


MASSILLON, Ohio resident Donald Duck is a drunk driver. He's a repeat offender with multiple previous DUI's, multiple previous no operator's license and operating under suspension… it would seem that Donald has a bit of a problem. Police say that when Donald Duck opened his car door, a bag of marijuana fell out of the vehicle. I wonder how Walt Disney feels about that?


This cute little shop makes its own wine and crackers.  A nice old Hispanic man whose name is pronounced “Hay-zeus” owns and operates the shop.


But try explaining this sign to all the Cardinals and Archbishops who are up in a tizzy, and you just might find yourself excommunicated… or worse.


Hitler’s Bagels.  Yeah.



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