Peppa Pig Watches in HORROR as Little Girl Mercilessly Beats Piñata in Her Likeness

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We’d like to think society has evolved, that when it comes to morality, civility, and decency, progress has been made. After all, it’s not like we’re still fancy-dressed savages living in the 1400s, forcing our mascots like, say, Peppa Pig, to watch children beat piñatas in their likeness before their very eyes– uh oh

Some of Twitter really felt for Peppa because, at least on an emotional level, we can all relate.

Of course, many others sided with the little girl in the video, with some heartless fiends even laughing at Peppa’s horror.

These people are EXACT the type to throw tomatoes at some poor soul in the 15th century. Pure savages. Alas, we humans have not evolved in the slightest. No matter how many peace stickers we put on our car bumpers, we’re all still right here…

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