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Photoshop Disasters: What Were They Thinking!?

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Photoshop even in the hands of professionals can produce some devastating results or maybe they meant this?

Crossing a Lama with a dog can produce interesting results. [Link]


No wonder it took them a long time to dig that hole. [Link]


Quiz: How many cars can you spot going the wrong way? [Link]


Be sure to wear sun screen at all times. [Link]

Gravity has no effect if you use enough MSG. [Link


At least they left the shadow of the sheep. [Link]


Please only place your head into the microwave as placing your body into the microwave might cause grievous bodily harm [Link]


Now you can become the bobble head you always wanted to be [Link


Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. If you must pop out to the shop then use our revolutionary new product – Stool-Moms™ [Link]


To see more atrocities head on over to PSDor you can check out the PSD Facebookpage for other images not shown on the website.

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