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Places Girls Grow Hair That They Don’t Want You To Know About

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Women, like it or not, have body hair just like everybody else. And by everybody else I mean men. They just do. They can shave and shave and shave and it'll grow back. Why society evolved to demand of women that they get rid of their body hair, who knows? Someone probably. It's probably another way to control them, like corsets, high heels, and the secret fact that men have made the major active ingredient Midol mind control dust. But it's time to blow the lid off the secret world of female body hair once and for all. The secrets out ladies. Fellahs, take a gander, these are the places on girl bodies where they grow hair that they don't want you to know about.




Female nostril hair actually grows considerably longer than male nostril hair. Evolutionarily this is because women, before agriculture was invented, had to harvest fruit from tall trees by whipping their head around and lassoing it with their nostril hair.




Female armpit hair, while considered unsightly by many, is actually a great source of protein.




Years ago women were prized for their leg hair. Tournaments were held to see who could style their leg hair in the most mesmerizing away. Alas, those days are done, those sweet, sweet days.




Women have sh*tloads of back hair. But it's cute because it always grows in in the shape of either a heart or a hello kitty.


Tramp Stamp


The real reason women so often get tramp stamp tattoos is not that they want to indicate that they are promiscous, it's that a tattoo is the only thing that keeps the rather copious tangles of hair there from growing in.




It is actually for health reasons that women shave breast hair, as most women grow so much breast hair that it weighs them down, and they develop back problems later on.


Poison Bulb


This is what women look like when men are not around, and they can take off all their makeup and really let their hair down. FEAR THEM.


What other areas do women grow hair on? Let us know in the comments!


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