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Places It Would Not Be A Good Idea To Bring Pikachu

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Pikachus are adorable little mouse looking pieces of sh*t that we all love. The little happy go lucky sacks of crap tickle our hearts and bounce around delightfully and everyone digs it. Cute as they may be though, there are some places you just shouldn't take them…


A Public Swimming Pool

You can't take your Pikachu to a public swimming pool, that is unless you're tired of you and your friends being alive.


A Funeral

The youth and vitality of a Pikachu will  act as a cruel reminder of what they've lost, multiplying everyone's sadness back at them tenfold. A little known fact, also, is that Pikachus feed exclusively on the dead.


The U.N.

Although Pikachu, like most Pokemon, has a well-rounded political background, and a master's degree in political ecology from Yale University, he does not have the linguistic skills to eloquate his stance on world events.


The Local Deli

Just. Trust me.


The Raichus Only Club

You don't want your Pikachu to have to face the harsh realities of segregation.


A "Devil Wears Prada" Album Cover Shoot

When The Devil Wears Prada does an album cover they're really trying to capture a mood. A mood that Pikachu, bless his little heart, has a hard time fitting in.


What are some other places you shouldn't bring a Pikachu? Let us know in the comments!


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