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7 Plastic Forks on Amazon With Glowing Reviews

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There are so many amazing products in the world, and now nearly all of them are on Amazon! So when something gets hundreds of reviews and won’t stop showing up in wishlists, people start to pay attention. And just a quick perusal of Amazon shows: people love plastic forks. These bad boys aren’t just for the picnic anymore. Check out what people are saying about some of the top-rated plastic forks on Amazon:

1. Plastic-wrapped FTW.

fork eating food

For a lot of reviewers, this was their first introduction to a plastic fork, and they loved it. Said one reviewer, “I picked it up it off the ground.”

2. Great Cakes!

birthday celebration cake

Lots of people might not think of forks when they think of birthday cakes, but it’s a great way to eat cake on your special day. If you’re looking for a good fork for a cake, one reviewer said that this fork was “the one to beat.”

3. There are plenty of forks to go around.

fork eating dig

You can discover all types of new things on Amazon, including ways to eat. Starting with a well-reviewed pile of forks is a great way to switch things up.

4. Vanquish all evil from the earth.

evil king death

We all know that a great evil has descended upon the land, casting a shadow over the hearts of men and women and inching humanity towards an abyss from which it will never return, but who knew that you could defeat it by just trapping a fork in a plastic box? Turns out, you can, and this one has rave reviews.

5. The Perfect Fork

Perfect Fork Wife

Pobody’s nerfect, except for this fork! At least, that’s what the reviews say!

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