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Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools In America

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For the sixth time in 58-years, Playboy magazine has released its list of Top 10 Party Schools. Which poses the question… how do you figure something like this out? I mean how do you know which school is the top party school? Everyone thinks their school is the #1 party school. Playboy turned to social media pages, alumni, and feedback from "Playboy campus representatives" at schools across the country. Ahem, WTF is a "Playboy campus representative"? Is that just some kind of code for someone who likes to look at pics of naked chicks? Regardless, here are the results!


10. University of California, Santa Barbara

Once you get to UCSB it's impossible to escape the 'party atmosphere'… it's everywhere. One student admits to almost transferring schools to get away from the 'party atmosphere' at UCSB, so that she could focus on her academics. Ultimately she did not… and has since graduated with a BA in keg tapping.


9. University of Central Florida

Fussing about national rankings in college football is complete B.S. and a waste of time when we ALL  know the real action is not on the playing field… but at the tailgate parties, in the bars, at the frat houses and pretty much anywhere two or more are gathered together in his name… his name is Budweiser.


8. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

For over a decade this school has been making peoples short lists of party schools. The higher-ups at the school really hate it because they fear it will keep them from getting funding that they desperately need. "There are some students here who do party very hard," said former UT-Knoxville student president Bradford Bricken. "But there are some students that study all the time, too." Uh, yeah… right.


7. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is located in the small town of Athens. There are more than 100 bars located near the campus. Administrators at the school have attempted to curb drinking and calming the party-hard atmosphere to no avial. University spokesmen would rather you pay attention to Georgia's rank on the Princeton Review's top-value and environmentally-friendly lists, instead. They do recycle a LOT of beer bottles.


6. University of Wisconsin

Three University of Wisconsin students who you might remember… Travis Ludy, Mitchell Klatt, and Kevin Tracy, from MTV's College Life…  threw a massive house party in Sept. 2010 that attracted more than 200 guests – many of whom were underage… According to Ludy, the party, which started as a tame kegger, "just got pretty out of hand." They were fined — of $86,000 for the 'tame kegger.'


5. University of Texas at Austin

People in Texas like things big… including their parties so it's no wonder that UT is firmly at the top of the list of party schools. "It's such a unique environment," said a senior government major. "It allows for students to just live life to the fullest and have such a rich academic environment and rigorous academic program and still have an amazing time and enjoy being in college." Then he stumbled over to some nearby bushes and puked.


4. University of Western Ontario

I don't know why this school is on the list… it's in Canada… but whatever. One student recently defended her school's ranking saying, "Honestly, I believe that if you want to party you will find someplace to party no matter where you go. I totally agree with the overrated title the UWO is a party school. That's not to say that you shouldn't go out now and than to have some fun! Balance is key!" And with that she popped up onto her arms performing a perfect keg stand and chugged 64 oz of foamy keg beer… proving that she had excellent balance.


3. Arizona State University

Yes Arizona State had brief fall from grace when school President Michael Crow launched his ruthless crusade against all things fun disguised as "The New American University" plan, creating an institution that is committed to 'excellence, access and impact.' However that plan didn't work out so well and ASU is back at the top of the list again ranking a solid 3rd!


2. Pennsylvania State University

At Penn State it's all about stats! I've seen them coming in at the top of various unofficial online surveys… I've seen them ranked 1st for "Schools with the most beer", 9th for "Hard-liquor consumption" and 3rd for their "Major fraternity and sorority scene." All key elements to creating the perfect party atmosphere. These guys are so drunk that they are all seeing double… one student freaked out when he saw their ranking on Playboy's list… "This is total bullsh*t!!!!!! How the hell did we come in 22nd???" I think that he'll be pleasantly surprised when he sobers up.


1. University of Colorado at Boulder

One University of Colorado, Boulder student is quoted as saying, "It is a major party school with a bad reputation. It's like Animal House gone bad!" This is the same school where students rioted and burned half of the University Hill neighborhood when they attempted to move "last call" up a little earlier in the evening. These guys will defend their right to party with flying rocks and Molotov cocktails. It's no wonder this school comes in at very top of the list.

What do you think about Playboy's party school rankings? Would you pick a school based on its party atmosphere? Let's discuss in the comments below.

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