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Is the Playstation 4 at the End of Its Lifecycle? Sony Says It Is (And They’d Know!)

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Who could forget 2013? The Playstation 4 was announced, and by that fall, it had entered our lives. And with it came at least one or two good launch games. There was, like, Knack? A game about a block kid who was made of blocks? And I think there was a Killzone too. Man, remember Killzone? Hahaha, oh man. Those were the good old days.

playstation 4 end of life killzone

I will not be the kind of grandpa who tells his grandkids about the good old days, because I don’t remember one single thing about Killzone.

And so, it’s with a heavy heart today that we let you know the Playstation 4 is coming to the end of its lifecycle. At least, that’s what PlayStation CEO John Kodera told Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki (by way of Polygon). Mochizuki reported that Kodera indicated the Playstation 4 was “entering final phase of its life cycle”.

And to be honest, I read that quote and did a double-take. How could that be? Are we really in the final phase of the Playstation 4’s lifecycle? How did this happen so fast? I feel like Tony Stark over here! I don’t want it to go!

playstation 4 end of life alone

I still have so many relationships to ignore!

But if Sony is ready to retire the Playstation 4 in the next two or three years, it means the Playstation 5 is coming soon. What new features could we see in Sony’s next-gen hardware? Backwards compatibility with previous Playstation games? A functional online service to let us stream right from the cloud? A console with a bunch of sh*tty pictures from a big upcoming game all over it that makes it look like trash?


Cannot WAIT to see next-gen trash consoles!

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