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5 Anime Series With Plots So Bizarre It Will Make You Wonder WTF Is Going On In Japan

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Anime can cover a wide range of genres, topics, and shots of panties, often in the same series…or scene. The result is highly original, sometimes confusing, but always entertaining. That said, the result can also be the animated equivalent of acid ingesting mescaline, even when the characters’ eyes aren’t bulging or mouths screaming during normal conversation. The following are just a few of the series whose very plots ask you to “Just go with it” even as you scream, “What the f*%# is going on?!?”


Speed Grapher

Brief Description: A brothel’s secretions lead to utter destruction.

Actual Description: A photojournalist investing an erotic club is kissed by the club’s “goddess” and now can destroy anything he photographs. Meanwhile, the goddess’s, um, fluids give her clients superpowers based on their filthiest fetish, like a Marvel origin story that could never, ever be filmed. Oh, and the brothel and all its, well, liquids, have something to do with total global economic collapse, providing perhaps a frightening glimpse into what may be the real driving force of Japan’s finances.



Brief Description: Soda cans turn into hot girls. Really.

Actual Description: One day soda cans across Japan start turning into girls, each desperately needing to drink their respective soda to live (in what essentially comes across as self-feeding vampires). But the real reason they’ve suddenly appeared is so the “aluminum can” girls and “steel can” girls can fight to the death for superiority in a plot that reads as “Transformers versus Decepticons if both sides wore short skirts and were heavily sponsored by beverage companies.”


Hetalia: Axis Powers

Brief Description: World War II meets “Saved by the Bell.”

Actual Description: Each of the Axis and Allies nations from World War II is portrayed as a teenage boy or girl (with the country being their name, such as “Germany” or “America.”). These kids then all get into all sorts of shenanigans that sometimes involve shopping, sometimes dating, sometimes laughing, sometimes making pasta sculptures, sometimes summoning the devil, and rarely anything about actual warfare in a series that might be impossible to ever explain to a veteran without apologizing profusely.


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Brief Description: “WALL-E” by way of history class and massive cleavage.

Actual Description: Having left years ago, mankind is forced to return to a devastated Earth to find that only Japan is now inhabitable. There everyone forms “pocket dimensions” as they try to reenact ALL of human civilization in hopes that it will allow them to leave again or maybe just secure funding for the drama club. But truthfully, the premise is more or less as an excuse to cram as many gigantic breasts, android sex, more gigantic breasts, and a whole host of bizarre fetishes as possible before the plot suddenly, actually makes sense, at which point you can assume your mind has officially snapped.



Brief Description: That’s…that’s really not possible.

Actual Description: A space traveler on a Vespa repeatedly bashes a kid’s skull in with her electric guitar in hopes of releasing giant robots through the portal in his forehead while the town is covered in steam from a giant industrial complex in the shape of an iron as an agent with seaweed paper for eyebrows tries to prevent a galactic hand from reaching down and using the iron to smooth man’s thoughts because…You know, you should probably just get lost in the whole hilarious chaos of the series, realizing that even it never makes sense you’ll always be treated to one of the best end credit songs around, in which lyrics like “lobster of revenge, bring it along” seem absolutely logical by comparison.


Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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