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‘Pokémon Go’ Gets New Monsters and a TOTALLY SICK New Weather System

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Remember the time — a simpler time — when nothing in the world brought us more joy than Pokémon Go? You should, it was like six months ago. Since then, Pokémon Go has begun to level out, but not for a lack of effort on the developer’s part. Niantic, who put out the mobile monster-catcher in the summer of 2016, has been constantly updating the game, from revamping Exeggutor to giving team leaders a purpose. But today brings us the update we awkward-ass dopes who never know how to have a conversation have been waiting for: the weather.

“So…. uh… real rainy today, huh? You uh… got anything else to talk about?”< br />

In what will be the third wave of new Pokémon, Niantic will begin filtering in new monsters from the Hoenn region, including starters Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.

But who cares about them because also they’re adding weather! Now Pokémon Go will read the real-life weather conditions in a player’s area and give stat bonuses to certain captured critters. Presumably finding a water monster in the rain would make it stronger, but Niantic promises that anyone who does trek out into harsh weather will at least receive generally more powerful Pokémon. So if you’re the kind of Pokémon-seeker who cares not for the frivolities of the indoors, who seeks challenge and adventure no matter what Mother Nature puts before you, know that your bravery will be rewarded… with a slight stat boost.

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