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10 Pokemon I Wanna Eat

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I have a confession to make. Sometimes when I see an adorable or even a not so adorable pokemon character, it makes my tummy grumble.  Now maybe I'm just super hungry or maybe some Pokemon would be good to eat. I'm not proud of myself. Please tell me I'm not alone! Here are 10 Pokemon I wanna eat!




Doesn't Jigglypuff look like a huge ball of cotton candy?  We know they're as sweet as spun-sugar. It would be hard to eat them, especially if they start singing a sweet lullaby as you gobble them up. Probably best to wear ear-plugs!



You just know Seaking would be delish smoked with cream cheese on a bagel. Someone needs to invent a bagel Pokemon fast! The best part is you can use his horn as a toothpick afterwards. Nothing wasted!




Bouffalant meat is much leaner than Miltank. It's perfect for those who wanna still eat burgers but are watching their cholesterol intake. Plus you can feel a little les guilty when you top it with cheese and Grumpig bacon.




I think we all know it's important to eat your vegeables. And Petili are guaranteed to revitilize you! Just make sure you cover up her face with some homemade ranch dressing. Cause they're friggin' cute.




I totally wanna put a bib on and dip Crustle in some melted garlic butter. Better yet…how about making it  a surf by serving it up with a Tauros ribeye! Screw greed,gGluttony is GOOD!




A Chansey softboiled with some whole-grain toast and a side of Spoink sausage?  Sounds much better than my usual breakfast, a bowl of Gorilla Munch.




With a diet of pure peat grass you know Ducklett meat is gonna be tender and succulant! Now all we need is to cook it up ala orange style and we'd have a meal that even Gordon Ramsay would approve of.




OMG. I wanna Cherubi pie topped with Vanillite like right now. I'm pretty sure their faces fade at high temperatures.  At least I hope so. I don't like sadness to undermine my dessert enjoyment.




Oddish is  a root vegetable that absorbs moonlight for nutrition.  It's like a potato on juice. I bet using this in place of potaoes would really elevate an au gratin. And it would be super duper pretty.




Does a Swinub even have bones? Cause I bet they'd have some good ribs. I'm down with just a huge chunk of pork too. Throw it in a slow-cooker  and  8 hours later you'd have some melt in your mouth 

What Pokemon would you like to eat? Let us know in the comments!

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