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Pokemon Who Could Find Success In UFC

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Pokemon get captured and forced into battle all the time. However, if they really want to count themselves amongst the greatest fighters in the world (and they do, Pokemon are prideful, prideful creatures), they'll eventually need to make the leap to the UFC. Here are some Pokemon I feel have the tools to make a go at it in the world of mixed martial arts.




In MMA, you need to be able to absorb some punishment, and clearly Snorlax has that ability. I had no idea how to get around him when he blocked the path early on in Pokemon Red, so I know from experience that he can survive an onslaught of a small boy gently walking into him for six hours.




Listen, there's no two ways about this: Togepi's head is made out of spikes. If Junior Dos Santos brings his fists down on Togepi, his fist will be impaled by spikes. There aren't a lot of fighters who train by punching the pointy end of knives. Some, but not many.




After showing up and yelling "Chansey!" in seemingly every single round of Super Smash Bros. ever played, Chansey has seen battle up close. He knows the mindset necessary to destroy a man. And it's in there. Buried beneath that fluffy pink exterior, oh yes, dear God yes, it's in there.




If your strategy is to trash talk your opponent, imagine how easily you can get into their head with his psychic powers.




As a shape-shifter, Ditto can easily adapt to any fighting style, be it wrestling, kickboxing, Grass type, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu.




Mew has something to prove, since Mewtwo is clearly on his way to becoming one of the top fighters in the UFC.




Fighting Dugtrio is like fighting three opponents at once! I mean, three functionally brain dead opponents, but three all the same!




This pokemon has ice powers, which Jon "Bones" Jones showed us was important in MMA when he won the UFC Light Heavyweight Title by freezing Mauricio Rua and uppercutting him into pieces.

Are there any other Pokemon you think have a shot at MMA glory? Let us know in the comments!


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