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Police Refuse To Help Baby Locked In Hot Car

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A young mother was horrified to realize that she had accidentally locked her keys in her car along with her infant baby. So basically her baby was slowly cooking in her hot car (and yes, slow cooking is probably the best way to cook a baby if you're wondering.)

Next time she should work on getting her baby out of the car BEFORE closing and locking all the doors… although the baby was only a year old, so she’s kind of new at this whole mother thing.

I’ve locked my keys in my car a few times, actually quite a few times, I better be careful if I ever decide to have kids.


So, when this woman realized her mistake, she called 9-1-1 and told the dispatch operator what her problem was. "Help! My baby's cooking in a car!" So, within minutes police showed up and saved the baby, right? WRONG! Instead the police dispatch operator told her she would have to deal with the problem on her own.


Emergency Services has some sort of new rule, where police and fire officials don’t help drivers simply because they are locked out of their car. And with that news, the police operator declined to dispatch emergency units to help the woman get her cooking infant out of the hot car.


This is insane! Just because the police don’t want to deal with getting keys out of people’s cars, this baby’s life had to be at risk. 


Finally the woman called her husband who came to the rescue and broke the window… cutting the baby’s face deforming him for life, no I’m JUST KIDDING. The baby is fine and not crispy on the outside or anything. They are lucky… the worst damage this family suffered was a lot of stress and a broken car window.


So, all of you should just remember that if you lock your baby and your keys in your car… the cops would rather see your baby fry, then have to help you get your keys out of the car.


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