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Potential Bosses for Kratos to Kill in God of War: Ascension

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In the beginning of God of War, Kratos, who is just a GUY, set out to murder GODS. And, spoiler for God of War III, HE F*CKING DID. He killed THE GODS. So this week, when Sony announced a new game in the franchise, God of War: Ascension, I wondered who Kratos could possibly kill this time. You can't go backwards and fight weaker enemies in video game sequels. But, as I've found out, there are some people even more powerful than the gods.


Double Zeus

zeus on another zeus in labcoat


If Zeus was the end boss in the last God of Wart, it stands to reason that TWO Zeuses would be even harder in the next God of War. With that in mind, what if Zeus stood on the shoulders of another Zeus and fought Kratos? I mean, that's probably how Zeuses work, right? There are just a bunch of them running around like squirrels?


The 12 Disciples

kratos and the disciples at the last supper


Don't worry, Judas is secretly on your side.


Kratos' college roommate

kratos and his roommate in college


Kratos was a little out of control by the time God of War III rolled around, and that was just because of some lame nonsense like losing his family. Imagine how out of control angry he would be if he had to once again do battle with his old roommate, the guy who broke most of his dishes and stole his security deposit.


Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

obama and romney and kratos


It would be awesome to see God of War: Ascension implement an inFamous-esque morality system where at the end of the road you face either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney depending on the choices you make. Think about it— where do gods get their power from? That's right, the faith of mortals. And with his "Hope and Change" campaign of 2008, there are many people who have faith in Barack Obama, and those who hate Barack Obama have the exact amount of faith in Mitt Romney simply because he is not Barack Obama.


Christopher Nolan

kratos sneaking on nolan


And speaking of those who have the faith of mere mortals, who is more powerful than Christopher Nolan? The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises could have literally been Bane delivering "white people drive like this, black people drive like this jokes" while he took a crap and I still would have bought my tickets five months in advance.


Common Decency


The final boss of God of War: Ascension could very well be society's view of Kratos because, let's be honest here, if Kratos isn't killing gods, he is basically just a serial killer.


Who do you want to see Kratos just frighteningly rip apart in the next God of War? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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