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Pranks Willow Smith Is Planning For April Fool’s Day

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Justin Bieber totally punked Willow Smith while on tour by walking on stage and playing cowbell as she sang her hit song. Now the only thing on her mind—other than whipping her hair of course—is Bieber revenge fever. What with April Fool’s Day on the way and all, she has added a few other famous friends to the list of people she plans on pranking. Here’s what she has in store for them.


Jaden Smith

Willow is getting fed up with Jaden always saying that, while he’s a famous movie star, she’s just famous for her hair. As if! Jaden would be famous for nothing if his dad wasn’t Will Smith. She, on the other hand…oh never mind. What better way to prank him than by making him famous for bad hair! Have fun at the Kids’ Choice Awards when you walk the red carpet with your fro shaved into a trucker’s hat!


Lindsay Lohan

Jewelry isn’t the only thing Lindsay steals! Last year she stole Willow’s Club Penguin password and within 24 hours got caught using Cheat Engine, killed a baby penguin by locking it in a refrigerator and got Willow banned for life! Now Willow’s got Lohan’s Twitter password…only 140 characters away from a contempt of court charge! Sorry baby! But maybe in jail you’ll have some time to think about what you did to that poor baby penguin and the fear he must’ve felt in his last digital minutes!


Justin Bieber

Bieber embarrassed Smith when he showed the world that ‘Whip My Hair’ is one song that can not be improved with more cowbell! But now it’s Bieber’s turn to get played! Willow plans on telling him that Selena Gomez is waiting in a closet to play 7 minutes in heaven. But when he shows up…Bam! Two Beliebers will be waiting, for a game Justin will come to think of as 7 minutes in hell. Don’t forget to call the people at Guinness cause this has got to go down as the least hot threesome of all time!


Lady Gaga

Willow did not find it funny when Lady Gaga locked her in that egg at the Grammys. But the joke’s on Gaga, because she forgot Willow was in that egg when she got undressed! Willow was able to get photographic evidence of exactly what way Gaga was born! That freak’s gonna freak when Willow tells her she’s forwarded the pictures to Perez Hilton! But you know Willow’s just playing! She would never actually do that! Just like she’ll never forget seeing what can only be described as Gaga’s little monster.


Rebecca Black

Seems even Willow’s caught the Black Plague. She’s got plans with her new BFF Rebecca this Friday to go to Build-a-Bear. And you know she has a few surprises planned! First she’s picking RB up in a limo, where everyone kicks it in the back! Second…Nick Jonas will be inside!! And last but not least, the minute Rebecca jumps in she will land right on a stink bomb! Egg farts in front of a Jonas Brother = Worst Friday ever! I’m sure she’ll get over it though…it’s not the first time she’s been accused of laying a huge stinker!


Chris Brown

It used to be fun when Chris would babysit her and Jaden, but now every time he comes over it’s all ‘the past is the past’ rage issues, smage smissues! Worst babysitter ever! Besides, Rihanna is Willow’s girl and she wants to punk the punk a**! Willow’s plan? Insert nanny cam. Pump up Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella,’ make Chris go apesh*t and run! TMZ will love to get their hands on the video of Chris chasing her while screaming ‘I’ll whip your butt! I’ll whip your butt!’! We can only hope Jaden KOs him with some Karate Kid action at the end. Cue the world cheering!

What’s the best April Fool’s Day prank that you’ve pulled off? Have you ever been fooled? Let us know in the comments!

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