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Pregnancy Pact?

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Last week, America Tivoed the reenactment of the true-ish story of a small army of teenage girls who all get knocked up at the same time, on purpose. And we are talking around twenty girls, who are all friends, at the same high school. And none of the adults seem to think it’s a big deal, until a 20-something blogger brings it to their attention via her teen issues- themed blog. And voila!

The super secret “pregnancy pact,” that no one could have ever imagined existed, is revealed!

In this one epic scene, the main pregnant girl wants to see her boyfriend, but her parents forbid her for fear she would have sex again. At which point, the girl grabs her pregnant belly, and yells, “My baby won’t care if I have sex!”

In another scene, one of the other girls tries to tell her mom how cool it’s going to be for her to be a grandma at 31. Seriously. And no this wasn’t a Saturday Night Live skit. It was on Lifetime Saturday night, in the form on a two-hour movie.

What are some other really stupid pacts people have made that you can think of?