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Prince Michael and Paris Jackson Finally Attend School!- With Bodyguards

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Michael Jackson's two older children, Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12, are finally attending real school in the real world. The two kids are enrolled in the prestigious Buckley School in Los Angeles, where tons of celebrities' kids have gone before them. However, they still stand out. Not because their Michael Jackson's kids, but because they're followed around school by bodyguards! says "a parent at the school tells PopEater that things are anything but "normal" when the famous kids are there. Both have full-time bodyguards, who patrol the school's parking lot and accompany the kids from class to class, to their lockers and even watch over them during lunch."   



That's so sad. Especially since Prince Michael wanted to go to school so he could make friends.  The Daily Mirror reported in June that Michael's mother, Katherine, said in an interview "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school."



And Prince Michael was said to have wanted to go to Buckley to have "a social experience."   



Now, with these bodyguards following them around everywhere, how are they supposed to make any friends??  A parent at the school told PopEater: "The bodyguard situation really is a bit intimidating to other kids. And that makes them hesitant to approach Prince and Paris.”  



Poor kids. It must be so strange to be Michael Jackson's kids. I mean, the youngest is named Blanket. He still is home schooled by the way, since he's only 8 and Michael's mom thinks he's too young to go to school "in public."



Other celebs who went to Buckley School, but didn't have bodyguards, are Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Matthew Perry from 'Friends' fame, Alyssa Milano, and of course the OTHER Paris (Paris Hilton).


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