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Producers Are Looking For The ‘Next Rebecca Black’

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I was just thinking the other day as I ate a scrumptious bowl of Cocoa Pebbles…when oh when will the next Rebecca Black be discovered? I’m sure you all feel the same way…am I right? Well, your wait is over, lovers of manufactured internet ‘singing’ sensations! Good Morning America and Ark Music Factory are determined to find the next Rebecca Black!



In a weeklong programming stunt called “One Week to Hit it Big: Pop Star,” the show will try to answer the age-old question, can you take your everyday average talentless teenage girl and turn her into an inexplicable overnight sensation?


I think we all sadly know the answer is yes. In fact I’m pretty sure the popularity of manufactured pop music is one sign of the impending apocalypse. Right up there with x-rays proving Kim Kardashian’s ass is real.

Exhibit A:


 Exhibit B:


Patrice Wilson, thought he would never find a worthy successor to Black, when suddenly a 12-year-old girl appeared, who according to Patrice just “sparkled up” the room! You remember Patrice, right? Maybe you know him by his stage name, The Lame A** Rapper?


"She was like, 'this is my audition, I'm going to dance, I'm going to move,' " Wilson said. "She showed it to me."

Umm… okay dude.

Her name is Lexi St. George and unlike Becky B., she's a triple threat, equally untalented in dancing, acting AND singing!


Well things happen fast when you have a week to achieve global superstardom! So after Patrice informed her that she was 'the one' and gave her an awkward hug…


she was whisked straight to the recording studio! And Lexi was ready for it! I mean she's not exactly an amateur, she has tons of professional experience doing YouTube videos…including…wait…WHAT??? FRIDAY!!!

But is her ‘hit’ as ‘good’ as Friday?

"It's great," St. George told GMA after hearing the lyrics for the first time. "I love the song."

Things changed during the recording session though, as Lexi got all teen angsty when she had trouble laying down her track. Singing's hard y'all!


And her song wasn't sounding so great anymore after the 5,000th take. “It's annoying," St. George said after singing the repetitive lyrics over and over. Um sweetie…how you gonna complain that the writer of Friday gave you a song that was repetitive and annoying? I believe that the words 'no duh!' apply here.

Here’s a look of Lexi's journey so far…

Next up…finishing the video today and the big reveal on Thursday! Why not Friday, baby?? Oh that's right…I'm pretty sure Rebecca Black legally owns that day of the week or something. 

So will Lexi be an overnight sensation? "I think she's gonna rock the world," said her mom. Does anyone else find that to be a threatening statement?

What do you think? Can there ever be another Rebecca Black? Is Lexi St. George pop music's next big star? Tell me what you think of it all in the comments!


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