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54 Questions "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Needs To Answer

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*There are SO MANY spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi down below, so don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Like many of my fellow nerds, last night I sat down and watched Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While there were a lot of things I liked about the TLJ, I’m still processing the themes of the movie and how they change the Star Wars universe. Even if you loved the film, there are a lot of questions and plot holes, and I’m generously sharing them in list form. If you know the answer to any of these burning questions, let me know what’s up on Twitter or in the comments.


How much time has passed since Star Wars: The Force Awakens? For Rey, it seems like almost no time at all. For the Resistance fighters on the base, it seems like a lot longer if the entire galaxy has fallen to the First Order.


If single fighters are so dangerous to the weapons of a capital ship, why aren’t TIE fighters launched as soon as the fleet comes out of warp?


Why is the dreadnought, a valuable asset, so far away from the Star Destroyers that could cover it from attack?

last jedi questions dreadnought


Why are the bombers slow as hell?

last jedi questions


If a hit on the bombers can make them explode so violently they destroy nearby ships, who decided the bombers should be so tightly grouped?


Why do the bombs need to “drop” out of the bombers. Without gravity in space, wouldn’t they just stay in the bomber?

last jedi questions bomb


If the bombs are using some kind of propulsion, why not just aim them at the dreadnought from further away? You know, like “bombers” do in the previous Star Wars movies?


Why can Kylo’s helmet be crushed by punching it? Didn’t he previously wear it into battle? Was it merely decorative?


Who thought this Walrus bird with green milk tiddies was a good idea?


Does Leia have Force powers beyond space flight? Was that a fluke or has she been training? Is it something she did unconsciously?


Why didn’t the First Order continue to attack the ship with fighters? The TIE fighters with Kylo Ren had already destroyed the bridge and taken out the senior leadership. Couldn’t they, you know, keep blowing up parts of the ship?


What is Rose Tico’s job? She works near pipes, and seems like some kind of technician, but she’s also in charge of stunning people who try to escape?


Where did Finn think he was going in that escape pod? Where would anyone trying to leave think they are going? Do the escape pods have warp drives? If they do, why don’t they all escape in them?


Why is Rose Tico the person who knows so much about theoretical tracking devices? Why is she later trusted to shut it down?

last jedi questions


Why is a device that can track through warp even that revolutionary? Didn’t the Empire seem to have the ability to calculate where the Millennium Falcon was headed when Han “tricked” them in the middle of Empire?


Do the rebels have a lot of smaller star ships with warp drives on their cruiser? Could they evacuate the crew that way? Maybe make a few trips? The First Order didn’t seem to notice when Finn and Rose left.


On Canto Bight, why can’t Rose and Finn just park their ship like normal people? Doesn’t parking it on the beach make them very conspicuous?


Why don’t they have a change of clothes? Rose is trying to blend in while dressed as a mechanic.


Why doesn’t anyone seem to notice two rebels, one dressed in uniform, in a casino full of aliens dressed in space tuxedos?

last jedi questions


Why do the Canto Bight police bring along the eyewitness who saw Finn and Rose park on the beach? Why is a parking violation such a serious crime?


How much extra space is there in BB-8 where he can fit dozens of heavy coins? How long did he allow people to try and gamble with him? Why he designed to shoot currency like a gun?


Why does an ultra-rich planet even have child slaves for manual work? Wouldn’t it be easier to buy droids?


Why did the Canto Bight police leave the Finn and Rose’s ship on the beach? And why was it unguarded?


Why do so many ships have cloaking technology? If it’s a rare, why did the resistance put it on their small unarmed transport ships without warp drives?


When Poe demands Admiral Holdo reveal her plan to save everyone, why doesn’t she reveal the plan? Everyone would eventually need to load/board the smaller transport ships, so it’s not like it would be a secret for long.


Where are the other Resistance crew hanging out for the other bridge scenes, since the bridge blew up?


Besides looking cool, what’s the point of Rey’s “Force cave” experience? She’s not challenged in any way, and doesn’t learn anything?


Why does there need to be someone on the resistance cruiser to pilot it? It’s just going straight.


If someone does need to stay behind, why does it need to be one of their last remaining leaders? Why not someone else or even a droid?

last jedi questions holdo


Are we never going to learn anything about ancient Force user, Supreme Leader Snoke? Someone who sat out the entire reign of Emperor Palatine and Darth Vader, someone who was unknown to the Jedi at the height of their powers during the last days of the old Republic?


If Snoke had the power to connect the minds of Rey and Kylo, why not just monitor Rey’s mind and find out where Luke Skywalker was?


Are Rey’s parents really nobodies, or was Kylo lying to her? Are they really answering one of the central questions from The Force Awakens with a “meh”.


After Luke’s Lightsaber explodes, where does Rey go?


Why does Kylo lie to General Hux? Kylo is seizing power through force (and Force), so why not say he overcame Snoke and is the new leader? What’s Hux going to do?


Why do they let BB-9E basically lead the arrest of Finn and Rose? And if the thing BB-9E noticed was BB-8 being weird, why didn’t they look harder for BB-8?

last jedi questions


After they got the info from Benicio Del Toro’s character, and they confirmed the it was correct, why not just kill him? Since when is the First Order about honoring deals with criminals? No one knew he was there, so it’s not like word would get out.


last jedi questions

Finn and Rose are about to be executed, surrounded by literally hundreds of Stormtroopers mere feet away. After the ship partially blows up, where the hell did those Stormtroopers go? There aren’t even bodies around.


Captain Phasma left an unconscious Finn, just to come back dramatically? Why?


How many times are the rebels/resistance going to pull the “ram their ship with ours in a moment of nobel self-sacrfice” move?


Why aren’t unmanned warp torpedoes a thing, if going into warp can blow through dozens of capital ships?


Is “Force Hologram” a known thing for Jedi?


What Lightsaber is Luke using in his fight with Kylo?


Is being a Force hologram so exhausting that Luke dies, or does Luke just choose to die?


What was Finn’s plan ramming the laser? Wouldn’t it just melt him as he got closer? He had no weapons left.

last jedi questions


What was Rose’s plan ramming Finn?


Was there any sexual tension at all between Rose and Finn before she kisses him?


How did Finn and Rose get back to the rebel base? They were right next to the enemy front lines, and she’s unconscious.


How is Rey on the Falcon? She was just on Snoke’s Star Destroyer a few minutes ago. Did Chewbacca pick her up? How would that work?


Did Luke train Rey on lifting rocks? Luke was taught by Yoda for at least weeks before he was able to lift small rocks, yet Rey can move hundreds of tons of boulders?


Can the entirety of the resistance/rebellion really fit on the Millennium Falcon? Like 20 people left?


Han’s dice can’t be real since Force hologram Luke Skywalker delivered them, so why do they stick around only to fade away later?


Why did Leia even leave the dice? Did she know they weren’t real? Was it a weird message for Kylo?


Does “broom boy” at the end know he’s a Force-user? Is he super-powerful? Even knowing about the Force, Luke struggled to bring his Lightsaber to himself in the early parts of The Empire Strikes Back.


R2-D2 is one of the most important heroes of both the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequels. He was Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s trusted companion in multiple movies. Why is he only in this movie for like 30 seconds?

last jedi questions

So that’s everything I could think of after one viewing. Let us know any other questions you think need answered!