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The ‘Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy’ Explains His Disastrous Answer

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On Sunday’s episode of game show The $100,000 Pyramid, contestant Evan Kaufman gave an answer that immediately got him the nickname “Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy” on the internet. In fact, Evan’s answer to the question, “People whose last name is Obama”, was so shocking and dumbfounding, that it immediately went viral. But rather than living in shame, Evan took to Twitter to set the record straight on EXACTLY what was going through his mind in this moment…

*Cue record scratch, freeze-frame close-up on Evan’s face, and Evan narrating, “So, you’re probably wondering how I got here…”*


There are worse fates to befall a man than 15 minutes of viral infamy and $8,500, but on the other hand, Evan is going to have to re-tell this story to people at parties for the rest of his life

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