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Ranking the 5 Best SpongeBob Memes

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You cannot overstate the genius of SpongeBob SquarePants, or its importance to the rise of meme culture (even if the phrase “meme culture” makes you dry heave). Over the years, we’ve been gifted many fantastic meme-able moments from that familiar (if impossible) pineapple under the sea. And so, ranked here in order of efficiency, are the top five SpongeBob memes.

5. Mocking SpongeBob

spongebob memes mocking

There is something so satisfying about repeating someone’s idiotic nonsense back to them with the meme equivalent of “THAT’S YOU. THAT’S WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE.” Everyone has used this tactic, and the fact that the image is actually of SpongeBob acting like a chicken didn’t stop the collective internet from lambasting their foes with it. The meme may have fallen out of use, but to this day, I’m still training my eyes to look in different directions just so I can cosplay as Mocking SpongeBob.

4. Confused Mr. Krabs

spongebob memes krabs

Everyone can empathize with poor Mr. Krabs in the context of this meme — your alarm fails to wake you up and you open your eyes to realize you’re hours late to work or school? Your friend yells at you for something you definitely didn’t do? It feels like the room is spinning, and only a claw full of MONEYYYYYY will right these wrongs. Crustaceans only ever really want money. And to not be boiled alive. But mostly the money thing.

3. SpongeGar (Caveman SpongeBob)

spongebob memes caveman

SpongeBob is a multi-faceted character, with many names and faces. He is Legion, for he is many. But one of those many personalities is his pre-historic form, SpongeGar, who was immortalized in meme form just a few short years ago. He represents our base instincts, our id; a feeling of instant shock and confusion, like when the answer ISN’T “All of the Above”.

2. Savage Patrick

spongebob memes savage

If SpongeGar represents pure confusion, then Savage Patrick represents the pure evil that lives in our hearts. Looking downward like we were Buffalo Bill looking into his well to tell a captive where the lotion goes, you truly have no clue what might be going through Patrick’s pointy, pink head. But see, Savage Patrick is a much-needed purge valve — if we didn’t let these little bits of evil bubble up to the surface from time to time, we’d all tumble head-first into Plankton-ville. NOBODY wants that.

1. DoodleBob

spongebob memes doodle

DoodleBob is unequivocally the best SpongeBob meme around. Its genius lies in its simplicity! The beauty of the DoodleBob meme is largely that gibberish is silly and funny to say. There are words that rhyme with ME HOY MINOY. And THAT’S IT. No more layers. No more thinking to be done. Just a crude drawing of our favorite sponge, some nonsense, and of course, the inevitable profit that comes. Right? Guys? Wait, you’re saying memes AREN’T profitable? What the hell have I been doing with my life?

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