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Real Animals That Could Be Pokemon!

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Not just any old dumb animal would make a good Pokemon. You have to really be something special to be considered among the ranks of such greats as Mr. Mime and Bidoof. Here are real animals that could be Pokemon:



komodo dragon meme


People don't really give the Platypus enough for credits for how insane of a creature it is. It's a half duck half beaver that lays eggs and has venom. We might have to take this off the list because it technically isn't an animal. It's a monster.


Komodo Dragon

komodo dragon meme


The komodo dragon is a truly terrifying beast, but not for why you might think. It has a very weak bite, but its venom rapidly decreases its victim's blood pressure until they can't fight back. Why don't you just take your Deerling and go on home?


Basilisk Lizard

basilisk running on water


The basilisk lizard is also known as the Jesus Lizard because it can actually walk on water. I'm not going to start praying to it unless it turns my Mountain Dew in to vodka.


Spitting Cobra

The spitting cobra shoots a squirt of venom at its enemy's eyes to blind them. Not many real creatures actually fire projectiles. These would probably evolve from Arbok and be called a Rettipz.


Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese Spider Crab and man


This thing is huge. If there is one thing that Pokemon are good for, it's looking really weird and being unusually large. It doesn't have any super crazy special power. Just giant claws. Giant, scary claws.


Electric Eel

eel tells joke meme


The electric eel can use it's electric charge both as an attack and a defense. That's why scientists refer to it as “The Pikachu Of The Sea.”



This creature can do a peculiar dance that hypnotizes its prey. When they're hypnotized, it just walks right up to the cute little rabbit Pokemon and kills them. Can you blame them? Lopunny are delicious.


Slow Loris

slow loris being tickled


This thing is super cute, but being cute isn't enough to make something a great Pokemon. It also has to be dangerous. The slow loris is one of the only mammals that has venom. Be careful next time you're at that exotic petting zoo. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE TICKLING!


Honey Badger



There's a reason the honey badger is one of the most popular animals on the internet. It's a tough bastard. Let's hope the honey badger never becomes a Pokemon or it would win every tournament. HONEY BADGER FTW!!!!1


What other real animals would make good Pokemon? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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