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Real-Life Pranksters That Deserve Their Own ‘American Vandal’ Season

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American Vandal took a super silly premise — what if a doofy prankster was given their own true crime-style docuseries? — and played it to the absolute hilt. It peeled back layers of masculinity, adolescence, voyeurism, and, yes, the psychology behind drawing dicks on cars. With Season Two dropping soon, we started to wonder: what if some of our favorite internet pranksters got the American Vandal treatment? Take a look below at some of the funniest pranks the ‘net has to offer.

Which of these folks would you watch a prestige Netflix comedy centered around? What are some of your favorite pranks? And how many of these people would you knee-jerk punch in the face? Hit us up on Twitter, but, um, look behind you first. Just in case.