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Real Reason People Flag Facebook Photos: Ugliness

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There is no moment more horrifying than seeing that you've been tagged in a photo on Facebook. According to my own scientific research, there is an 85% chance that you have been tagged in a photo with your eyes half closed and with someone's arm making it look like you have a muffin top. Or even worse…your mom has finally learned how to use the scanner and you have to explain to all your friends why you used to wear a helmet. Or even worse…a mullet. Or even worser than worse, matching mullets.


The quickest way to get rid of the offensive photos? Report them to Faceboook as offensive. I mean technically that pic of you passed out with a suspicious water stain on the crotch of your jeans is offensive…am I right? Well Facebook says I'm wrong. (FUFUFUFUFUFB!)  FB didn't like the abuse of this option (FUFUFUFUFUFUUUUUU), so they stealthily unrolled new options when it comes to getting a tag removed on Facebook. Unfortunately it relies on the kindness of your so-called friend to remove the offending image. And since they're the jerks who put it up in the first place…well good luck with that.  I recommend not hanging out with d-bags who own cameras.


You could also set up your account so that you are able to approve all tags. That doesn't get the photo removed,  but at least the tag won't announce your bloated photo to the your entire Facebook world.  You're still on your own when it comes to loading your own fail pics. Although the one below might actually qualify as offensive. By my count there are at least 8 offensive things in this pic. Can you find them all?


And there are still plenty of ways to humiliate your friends on Facebook, without having to resort to drive-by-taggings. Perfectly innocent pics can always be turned into something embarrassing. So get creative! Nathan knows what I'm talking about! And apparently what his friends are talking about as well!


Have you ever reported a pic of yourself as offensive because you thought you looked ugly? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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