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Reality TV Families I Want to Adopt Me

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Sarah‘s guide to the best TV families to be adopted by!

Don’t feel bad about sitting at home watching reality TV, dreaming of living in Run’s House or with the Duggars or having Gene Simmons be your dad.

You are not alone.

There are tons of us out there dreaming the same dream. Here are the coolest TV families to be adopted by!

The Gosselins

I would have definitely been interested in joining the Gosselin clan a few seasons back.

But due to the divorce papers being filed between these two, it might be a little tense around the Pennsylvania estate. Plus, it looks like you have to live with Kate all the time and she gets a little on the mean side. But, just think of all the cute little brothers and sisters you will have!

And Kate would probably pay you GOOD money to babysit.

The Kardashians

The Kardashians are fun. It seems like there aren’t a lot of rules around this house.

Plus you get a bunch of cool older sisters to take you places, and I bet you’ll get to make out with meet Ryan Seacrest.

The Duggars

The Duggars seems like a great choice in theory, but might kind of suck.

Sure, you’ll have more siblings than anyone else in the neighborhood. But you also may be forced to wear floor length skirts, modesty swimsuits, and be married off by your 18th birthday.


The Simmons (Run’s House)

The Simmons are probably everyone’s favorites. Rev Run and Justine are probably my number one choice for reality TV parents.

Plus you’ll get to hang out with Diggy and Russy a lot, which is a big win.

The Roloffs

The Roloff home looks a little intense lately. They had some Gosselin-like moments this past season, where the parents were clearly geographically separated.

The dad, while technically little, scares me in a big way. I think he got a DUI last year too.

So as long as you drive the tractor and live with the mom, if they split up, you should be good.

The Simmons (Gene Simmons Family Jewels)

The Simmons’ house seems like a good place for a teenager. The kids are funny. The parents are cool.

I’m not sure I’d want Gene Simmons dropping me off at school though. Maybe Nick can drive you.

“The Hammers”

MC Hammer’s clan seems like a fun bunch. There is singing and dancing and other MC Hammer fun to be had.

The mom seems really nice, little Sammy is absolutely adorable, and cousin Marv seems like he might be the coolest loosely related relative ever.

Just make sure you know all the words to both “Too Legit to Quit” and “U Can’t Touch This,” prior to your arrival, and you should be good!

What reality TV families would you most like to be adopted by? Let me know in the comments below!</p?