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6 Reasons Deadpool Is Better Than Wolverine

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Pretty much everyone except Pete Holmes agrees that Wolverine is the most popular X-Man, and maybe even most popular Marvel character. In 2016, however, he’s going to get a run for his money when Fox releases Deadpool. The two characters have very similar origins and power sets, with one big difference being that Deadpool doesn’t have a metal skeleton or claws. Still, he’s a much better character than Wolverine. Once general audiences get a glimpse of Deadpool, they’ll forget all about Logan. Here are six reasons Deadpool is cooler than Wolverine!


He has a sense of humor

deadpool humor

Look, we all might love to read about Wolverine, but does he really seem like someone you’d like to hang out with? He’s always grumpy, and has such a short temper. Meanwhile, Deadpool likes to have a good time. Sure, he can be a little annoying, but what’s worse — that or a guy who responds to minor annoyances by popping out his claws and stabbing people?

He’s not egotistical

deadpool ego

What’s Wolverine’s catchphrase? “I’m the best there is at what I do.” Wow, real modest there, Logan. Also, he clearly isn’t the best. There are plenty of people who do what he does who don’t have healing factors. Wolverine’s actually terrible at what he does. Deadpool also has a healing factor, but he doesn’t go around telling people that he’s the best. He’s not exactly humble, but at least his bragging is accurate — Deadpool knows he’s only still alive because he’s unkillable. Also, it is not intimidating to have a catchphrase. Grow up, Wolverine.

He won’t steal your girl

deadpool girl

Why does Wolverine get a pass for always hitting on Jean Grey? She was Cyclops’ girlfriend and then wife, but Logan didn’t care, and that’s not cool. This is something Deadpool’s never done. Sure, he can be kind of creepy sometimes, but he’s also shown that he can be sweet to the people he loves. Also, Deadpool never hits on the wife of one of his teammates. Seriously, why weren’t the rest of the X-Men upset about this? Deadpool annoys them with constant jokes, but Wolverine is out there breaking up families, and no one cares.


Deadpool doesn’t go berserk

deadpool berserk

If Wolverine gets too angry, he goes into berserker mode, where he gets extremely angry and loses control. Everyone treats it like it’s a thing, but it’s just a temper tantrum. Deadpool might have some issues, but he never starts kicking and screaming like a baby (unless he thought it would be funny).

He’s more social

deadpool social

Logan prefers to be alone, but he constantly joins superhero teams and surrounds himself with people. Deadpool, on the other hand, has an active social life and tries to work with other heroes. He doesn’t go out of his way to be surrounded by other heroes and then complain about how no one will leave him alone.

He’s more creative

deadpool creative

Wolverine has the same plan of attack in almost every fight — run towards the enemy and slash them with his claws. He usually gets shot or exploded a couple of times, but he just gets back up and keeps running at the villain. Since he has the same healing powers as Logan, Deadpool could do the same thing, but he doesn’t. Deadpool is constantly coming up with elaborate plans. Sometimes, he just messes with them psychologically. To be fair, Wolverine’s method gets results, except for when Wolverine runs straight at Magneto, who can control metal (which is what Logan’s skeleton is literally made of).


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