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5 Reasons The Grinch Was Right

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When we reflect on How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we think of a mean ogre who so hated the holidays he tried to steal all the presents, and therefore joy, from his neighbors. But what if he had a point? What if instead of a monster driven by selfishness, he was just one guy who rightly felt overwhelmed by the season and maybe just reacted a bit too strongly? Here are just a few of the reasons you shouldn’t judge the Grinch too harshly:

We can all feel like an outsider during the holidays

The Grinch upset

Maybe you don’t live by any family — or maybe you don’t even have any family — you could spend time with during the holidays. Maybe everyone seems to be invited to a holiday party except you, including the one thrown by your office. Or maybe you’re the only one who resembles the green fuzz that grows on unrefrigerated cheese. Whatever the reason, the Grinch knows your pain, and therefore understands why you may not be too happy this time of year.

A lot of holiday gifts don’t make a damn bit of sense

The Grinch Who Carnio Flunx

Jing Tinglers. Flu Floopers. Tar Tinkers. Slu Slumkers. They don’t make any sense, but every Who wants one. Insane toys like these confound an already dispirited Grinch to no end. But are they really all that different from actual holiday gifts like Slankets, Chia Heads, Handerpants, or Shake Weights?

Oh, the noise

The Grinch oh the noise scene

Kids screaming in toy stores. Adults screaming at the dinner table. Everybody screaming at everybody else because of the stress. All that noise can be far, far too much, especially for those who may not be in the holiday spirit to begin with. The Grinch just wanted a little peace this time of year, and isn’t what this time of year is supposed to be about anyway?

We all sometimes have to lie to little kids during the holidays

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

Sure, the Grinch is far from a nice guy when he tells Cindy Lou Who he’s going to have Santa fix her tree light when he’s actually stealing her entire Christmas. But he also knows the only way to get through this season is occasionally telling an untruth to a wee one. “Santa ran out of that gift.” “Santa can’t fit an actual horse down the chimney.” “Santa just needs one more excuse to put you on the naughty list forever so go ahead, just try me. TRY ME!” It’s how parents can keep things running, keep kids quiet, and keep from losing their goddamn minds.

In the end, he remembers you should always listen to your dog

The Grinch and his dog Max

Whenever you reach your breaking point with all the holiday shopping, songs, and get-togethers, just look at your dog. Your dog is always happy just to be with you. Your dog is always content to have what it has right now (unless they want more food). Your dog will instantly calm you down and make you happy by just being there. Like the Grinch finally realizes, the holidays are about more than gifts or parties or decorations. They’re about being with the one you love (even if the one you love sometimes scoots their ass across your good rug).

Do you find yourself feeling *gasp* empathetic towards the Grinch? Let us know in the comments below!


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