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5 Reasons Keyboards Are Better Than Touch Screens

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Keyboards – they are good enough for our laptops and our computers, but for some people, not their phones. WHY? Keyboards rule… they have ALL THE LETTERS. Here are a few reasons why phone keyboards are WAY BETTER than touch screens!


5 – Your brain doesn’t get as confused

brain confused


A lot of times, when you touch something, it has a texture, and your brain can recognize it. For example, if you touch a taco or a baseball or a porcupine, your brain is like, “Oh hey, porcupine. Let’s get to a hospital and get these quills removed from my hand!” With buttons on a keyboard, you know that you are touching buttons. With no physical response from your fingers, typing requires a lot more concentration.


4 – No secret typing in your pocket

pocket texting


These two are carrying on a text conversation.

There are times when you need to get a message out… secretly. Maybe your buddy Dale (for example) is supposed to meet you at the movies but when you get there, his ex, Cindy, comes up and starts talking to you. They hate each other, and CANNOT meet in person -not after what happened on the marching band bus. A skillful keyboard user can reach into their pocket and type “DO NOT COME. CINDY HERE” (capslock optional). With a touchscreen you end up sending ”3345555ggggggggggggggggggggg” or taking a photo of your keys.


Sure, rooting around in your pocket looks KINDA weird, but taking out your phone and sending an emergency text is a DEAD GIVEAWAY.


3 – You don’t get in a habit of rubbing your fingers on screens all the time

touch screen TV


She’s trying to send an email.

With a touch screen, you are training yourself to rub your greasy mitts all over the same screen you are watching. It seems innocent enough, but before you know it, you are pawing at ATM machines, rubbing your computer monitor, or trying to press buttons on the screen of your HDTV. Don’t let happen to YOU!


2 – They are better for people with big hands

huge hands


He once killed a man with a high-five.

Some people have larger hands. That’s not judgment. I’m not saying those hands are better or worse. They are just bigger. They are beautiful in their own, meaty, hulking way. Those of us with unwieldy bulky man-fingers can’t see the keyboard on a touch screen, because the fingers cover up the screen. It’s a dilemma! With a keyboard, at least you can tell you are on a different button than the one next to it.

Touch screen people who think that you should just guess and let autocorrect fix things can go duck themselves.


1 – Better back scratcher

blackberry back scratcher

Turn phone off before you try this.

It’s just bumpier. You probably won’t even use your phone to scratch or massage yourself, but in case you DO, buttons will just be better.


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