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Rebecca Black Buys Funny Or Die!

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In an acquisition that will go down in April Fool's Day corporate finance history, Funny or Die issued a press release today saying that 'Friday' singer Rebecca Black had purchased and is now the chief executive officer of the comedy website changing the name to Friday or Die. Good one guys.

What is a site that is super funny every day of the year supposed to do for April Fool's Day? Declare it Black Friday, issue a fake press release and post a bunch of really funny videos starring… Rebecca Black.

Black shows her acting chops, or at least that she can handle a joke or two at her own expense. Makes me think that maybe she's not such a horrible person, but I refuse to stop hating on Rebecca Black. It's way too fun.


Betwixt The Music: Rebecca Black

March 2011, one girl, with one song, about one day… stormed the internet. The girl? Rebecca Black. The day? Friday.


Which Seat Should I Take? w/Rebecca Black

Whether on the road or on a windless green screen cityscape the legal driving age is 16… 17 in New Jersey. Follow the rules on the road or the only seat you'll be sitting in is in the back of a police cruiser.


Rebecca Black's Greatest Hits

Where were YOU when you first heard Rebecca Black's 'Friday'?


Friday Lyrics Analyzed With Rebecca Black

You thought the only pain involved with listening to Rebecca Black's 'Friday' was the pain you feel in your ears… wrong.


Sunday Comes Afterwards Starring Rebecca Black

For the first time in her short life, Rebecca Black is NOT looking forward to 'Friday'.

The internet is full of April Fool's jokes today! What other pranks have you seen online? Tell us in the comments below!


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