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Rebecca Black Is Getting A Documentary!?

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I can't be the only one who has pondered Rebecca Black's Friday. I mean, for a brainless song there sure are a lot of things to think about. Is the girl in pink adorkable or just clueless? What's the deal with 'the rapper'? How much time did he spend writing lyrics like 'gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal'? Well, the wait is over! A documentary on the viral hit has just been released! And answers will finally be had. Yeah I know,  totally  #firstworldproblems.


Essayist and This American Life contributor Jon Ronson has put together a pretty hilarious look  into the making of Friday, even getting some appearances by some of Friday's major players. You'll see the girl in pink, Benni Cinkle, acting as awkward as ever. I don't know if it's pathetic or sort of charming how she gets all flustered talking about Patrice Wilson, aka 'the rapper,' in her segment. Naturally, Forever Alone Girl has been left out once again. Maybe we should throw her a Forever Alone Party? 


But most of the documentary is devoted to the man himself, former Ark Music exec and Friday composer/rapper, Patrice Wilson. And boy do we get some insight into the making of Friday. I'll let the master wordsmith takeover:

"It was Thursday and I'm like I need to make a song, I need to make a song. And it was Friday. And I'm like oh it's Friday. Oh well that's a song." he tells Ronson. "There are no days of the week or weekend songs that everyone can feel good about, I'm like okay this could be great. I'm like okay this could probably go somewhere. It could be like an anthem everyone could have a good time to."

Wilson goes on to say that he wrote Friday in 30 minutes. Dude, you want me to believe that lyrics like "partyin' partyin' (yeah!)" took only 30 minutes to write? Actually I find that completely believable.


Most telling of all is that Wilson only agreed to participate in the documentary when he found out that Ronson would be making an appearance on The Conan O'Brien Show. Who would've guessed he's kind of a fame whore? It's pretty hilarious to watch him talk about his songwriting methods and boasting about his innate ability to create viral hits. He even goes so far as to write a 'hit' for Ronson, all about…going on the Conan show. SHAMELESS! And dude, Friday is not a hit in a real HIT song kind of way. Just sayin'!

Rebecca Black does not appear in the documentary, which is a kind of a shame because it's actually pretty well done. I guess that leaves this tweet as the only evidence that she has a sense of humor.


Here's a look at the documentary:

So what do you think of the Rebecca Black documentary? Will she EVER go away? Let me know what your thoughts  @desijedeikin or in the comments below! 

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