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Rebecca Black Releases NEW Single?!

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Well, everyone's least favorite auto-tuned singer is back! You have to think that Ke$ha is forever grateful she no longer has that distinction, but I digress. Rebecca Black dropped her new single called Person of Interest yesterday! What could be more important than that!?! And no, she's not the person of interest the song is about. Because despite all of the interest in her, she's not really that interesting. It's like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside a manufactured pop persona.


Whereas her second single, My Moment, focused on schooling the haters, Point of Interest seems to wanna bring back the utter absurdity of Friday. Plus, I don't think her attempt to school the Haters really worked. I mean haters gonna hate stuff that is legit. Haters certainly gonna hate things that are sucka**. Even non-haters hate things that are sucka**. But hey! I give her props for making a career off of people hating her. Even if she seems oblivious to that fact.


Personally, I'm waiting until she turns 18 to hate her. Because it is wrong to hate a 14-year-old, even if they murder your ears. It's okay to hate them if they murder your family though. Speaking of crime, that's kind of what the new song is about! Crimes of the heart, y'all! Try to keep up cause I'm about to delve into some Rebecca Black lyrics here and we know how complex things can get in that arena.   Here's a sample: 

There's a chalk line on the dance floor.

In the shape of my heart.

Crime scene tape on the front door

and you are

A person of interest.

See what she did there? Am I the only one wondering if 'crime scene tape on the front door' is a subtle endorsement of abstinence?


There's lots more repetitive lyrics and the video has an amazingly horrible attempt at acting by Rebecca Black. My favorite part is the spazzy charades she looks like she's playing while she's pretending to argue with a cop. But I will say that her voice sounds better than in the past. So you won, Rebecca Black. Now please stop trying to prove us all wrong. I hear party-planning is fun career.


Here's a look at the video. You know you want to!

So what do you think? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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