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Rebecca Black’s Awkward Sidekick Releases Her Own Single???

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There were many things to love in Rebecca Black's Friday video. But for me the absolute best thing had to be the charmingly goofy girl in pink. Benni Cinkle gave hope to awkward white girls everywhere to just bust their dance moves out no matter how awkward they looked. Just because you derp hard doesn't mean you can't have fun, fun, fun. Am I right?


I'm pretty sure I wasn't alone, because Benni went on to star in a gazillion memes. Whether she was playing the accordion or dancing with her friends, Becky B and Forever Alone, she was always all kinds of adorable awesomeness.


But now she's done something that I don't know if I can get down with. She too has released a poorly sung single with a BLECCHHH positive message for teens. It's called Can You See Me Now. Yes, Benni, I can see you now, but you look really, really different, like closer to 30 than 13.


The song is about being yourself and feeling other people's pain or something like that. Naturally, these lyrics about being who you are are sung in her naturally auto-tuned voice. The video is chock full of awkward dancing, of course, and even has a wind machine blowing in Benni's face! It's basically a rip-off of X-tina's Beautiful and Katy Perry's Firework but like 10 times funnier. You have to check it out. I don't blame Benni, though. I blame Rebecca Black for encouraging fame-hungry young girls everywhere that they too could become successful singers, despite having absolutely no singing skills.


Here's a look at the video, so you can see for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you'll even be inspired to stop cutting yourself or learn to have a positive body image. You gotta love seeing her dance again at the very least!

So what do you think? Does this world really need another crappy song by a teen singer who can't sing? Did you like the song? Tell me what you think @Desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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