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Rebecca Black’s NEW VIDEO Drops!

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YOU GUYS REBECCA BLACK'S NEW VIDEO "MY MOMENT" JUST DROPPED! Sorry I had my caps lock on…I wasn't really that excited. I mean I'm excited but not SO, SO excited…if you know what I mean.


And what's the verdict? Well… it's no Friday. And I don't mean that as a back-handed compliment. I don't know what I mean…I'm kind of stunned to find out that I kind of like Friday in a weird way. I mean, how do you compare the utter riduculousness of Friday with a song that is the equivalent of a Miracle Whip sandwich on Wonder bread. It's so meh.



And there are some stunningly inane lyrics.Not even really bad enough to mock. Naturally, I found a few, as I am a professional mocker.  We have a hater/later rhyme. And this brain burner:

Can't talk to you right now
I'm getting my paper. Huh?


And of course she schools the haterz with this line:

"I hope you are happy cause I'm 'bout to blow up."

Rebecca sweetie, I think this would actually please your haterz…just saying!


But enough about what I think….I wanna know what you think! Here's a looksie at her new video.

SO? Let's talk Rebecca Black in the comments! It's YOUR moment people and I'm dying to hear your clever cracks!


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