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Rebecca Black’s New Video, ‘Sing It’, Debuts!

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Whatever wakes you up in the morning, be it a quick jog, a hot cup of coffee, or two Five Hour Energies mixed with a half-gallon of Welch's Strawberry Breeze and Excedrin (I have a sleeping sickness, all right?), make sure you've had your fill before you watch the new Rebecca Black video, "Sing It" — it's pretty boring.

Maybe it's unfair to judge Sing It against Friday, but man is this video no Friday. Friday was pure insanity. Every time I watched that video I felt like I was having a fever dream. There was mad rhythmic chanting, girls dancing like reanimated corpses, and a rapper who doesn't rhyme. Friday wasn't a music video. Friday was a prophecy of the end times.

rebecca black apocalypse
The question that will determine your eternal fate: Which seat shall you take?

But at the very least Friday was weird and fascinating. How many times have we heard someone sing "turn it up, turn it up, I feel ya now"? They're the most tired pop lyrics of all time! It's like they wrote this song with a pop music version of those magnet words you can rearrange to form sentences on your refrigerator. Except they wrote the song after a party where someone stole most of the words to take home and put on their refrigerator.

fridge word magnets
"I told you not to invite Dave!"

It isn't Rebecca Black's fault. She's doing what she can with what she's given. But I would love for someone to take up the mantle of songs that are just surprising nonsense. Like maybe Demi Lovato could come out with a song about the menu at Jack in the Box and the bridge could be sung by a minotaur.

rebecca black and minotaur at jack in the box
"♫Bacon cheese biscuit looks kinda good/ sausage croissant kinda looks good too♫"

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