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Rejected ‘My Little Pony’ Ponies

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Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. And who can forget Twilight Sparkle? The My Little Ponies have etched themselvs indelibly in our culture and cemented their legacy as a vital piece of the literary canon alongside Faust, Macbeth, Nick Carraway, Colonel Kurtz, and all the rest. Is it easy to come up with such timeless, universal characters as a Pinkie Pie or a Richard III? Not by any means. Many My Little Ponies were rejected before Flutteryshy and Rainbow Dash made it into our homes and our hearts. And here we have them, the rejected My Little Ponies. Judge for yourselves whether or not they should have made the cut.


Realistic Sexual Organs Lisa

Hasbro quickly recognized the concerns parents might raise if Realistic Sexual Organs Lisa, no matter how fun and peppy a pony, made it onto the show.


Axe Pony


The Producers felt that Axe Pony, who was a silent, clown-make wearing pony that carries a gore-covered axe, didn't fit as Pinkie Pie's roommate as was initially planned.


Dinky Shy

Basically identical to Fluttershy, except that she is always 9 months pregnant and right about to give birth.




Mormsy the Mormon My Little Pony was difficult written out of the show when viewers of the test pilot complained that they didn't want the pony's adventures to be constantly interrupted by a Pony in a white button up t-shirt handing them pamphlets.


Overly Strong Derpy Hoof

Derpy hooves is cute because her blundering is ineffectual, but a 19-foot tall, powerfully built Derpy Hoof turned out to be far more dangerous than she was cute. Many would be My Little Pony ponies did not survive her brief inclusion in the show.


Elijah Wood


Elijah Wood was scrapped right before the show aired when Elijah Wood admitted to one of the producers that he was not a pony .



Sneezeberry was thought to be adorable because she's a My Little Pony who is allergic to other My Little Ponies. How cute is that?! Not cute at all, her allergies were actually incredibly severe, and less than seven minutes into the filming of the first episode they led to her death. She had a son, who had no one to care for him after she died. He got put in foster care. He's 14 now and he's in jail for stabbing a priest.


What other Ponies didn't get on the show? Let us know in the comments!


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