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‘Resident Evil 2’ Is Getting Its Remake: Now Who Wasted Their Life Persuading Capcom to Do So, Huh Mom?

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After years of speculation, thousands of emails, dozens of petitions, and multiple requests from me personally, Capcom has finally announced a remake of the classic 1998 survival horror adventure and my all-time favorite video game, Resident Evil 2. Looks like my mom, who told me I was wrong to drop out of college to put all of my time into convincing Capcom to give RE 2 another swing, was DEAD WRONG.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi made the announcement in a video on Capcom’s Facebook page, and said that, now that it’s official, we won’t be hearing about this game for some time. I know this seems counter-intuitive, but that’s good news — if Capcom were just going to slap on an HD coat of paint on the PS One version of RE 2 and send it out, we’d see it by this time next year. If they’re dedicated to putting the time in, Capcom can produce a remake on the level of quality as the first Resident Evil remake, which is one of the greatest horror games ever made. I can’t necessarily back that opinion up, as there are no academic papers written on the survival horror genre. And yet, for some reason my advisers at Baylor still kept turning down my thesis proposal.

I’ll be honest — this feels good, guys. It feels really good. All the valve handles left in the box, all the missed green herbs, all the accidental bites on the way to the police station … they were all worth it. A lot of my friends from college walked in their graduation ceremony, given a diploma by a smiling dean, and even hired by an up-and-coming law firm. But in two years, when this remake is released, will they feel as good as I will sitting down to relive one of the all-time great gaming experiences?

Yeah, probably. They’re on track to make partner.


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