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15 ‘Rick and Morty’ Characters That Deserve a Spinoff

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Rick and Morty is a show chock-full of some completely bizarro characters from other universes and planets, and got damn if some of them don’t deserve a TV show of their own. And so, here are the Rick and Morty characters who deserve their own spin-off!

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Duh.

1. Morty Junior

rick and morty spinoff morty junior

Genre: A Hard-hitting follow up to his award-winning novel.

We know Morty Junior became a New York Times best selling author with his book “My Horrible Father”, but writers don’t stop there: what about MJ’s next novel and the events that inspire it? Can the only half man/half gazorpazorp live comfortably in the real world? The answer is no. He definitely can not.

2. Jerry

rick and morty spinoff jerry

Genre: Depressing comedy.

Jerry is a loser. Everyone knows it. His family calls him on it. The wind whispers it. Watch the life of a struggling father who’s recently separated AND unemployed. This already sounds like a pitch for a Louie CK-esque dark comedy. Get Judd Apatow in this and you got the next big summer comedy!

3. Mr. Poopy Butthole

rick and morty spinoff poopy butthole

Genre: Sitcom.

My. Poopy Butthole lives in an apartment, gorging himself on pizza, and lives a relatively stable life. See his everyday misadventures as he gets shot by Beth, parties with Rick, and assaults a delivery guy every at his doorstep. It’s like a wacky sitcom about an alien/puppet/unknown thing trying to live with humans. Ooh Eee!

Will we ever get tired of saying “Mr. Poopy Butthole”? Never.

4. Toxic Rick and Morty

rick and morty spinoff toxic rick and morty

Genre: An anti-hero action flick.

Rick is best when he hates himself and destroys things, so this show would basically be all the cool parts of Rick Sanchez without his annoying moral compass. Morty may be a terrible sidekick, but he becomes the perfect punching bag since he cowers in fear at every turn. When Rick can’t be held back, you’re in for some mindless fun.

5. Scary Terry

rick and morty spinoff scary terry

Genre: Horror Mockumentary.

Scary Terry has no problems decapitating people within the dream world, but what happens when he returns to the wife and kids? That’s where the REAL horror story begins. It’s all the fun of Nightmare on Elm Street with the day-to-day hijinks of The Office. His catchphrase? “Bitch”. But you knew that already.

6. Roy

rick and morty spinoff roy

Genre: A coming of age tale.

Nothing is more wholesome than the video game Roy: A Life Well-Lived, especially when it’s played by a normal person like Morty. But when it’s played by Rick, it becomes a wild adventure involving burning all your prized possessions and trying to survive without a social security number. This spin-off would be like Groundhog Day, but it would actually make sense.

7. President Morty

rick and morty spinoff president morty

Genre: Hard-hitting political drama.

President Morty has ascended to power in the Citadel. Now that he controls an entire planet of super-scientist Ricks and expendable Mortys, how will he maintain control as the Citadel crumbles? This show would be a Game of Thrones-style political drama filled with backstabbing, lies, and the occasional mass execution.

8. Fart

rick and morty spinoff fart

Genre: Musical.

Fart, the gaseous blob, voiced by Jermaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords is already the perfect lead for an over-the-top sci-fi musical. It would be packed with songs that convince humans to crash their ships all the while just being a fart joke. Its potential title? The Musical Sounds of Fart.

9. Two Brothers

rick and morty spinoff two brothers

Genre: The best movie ever made possibly.

I’m just going to quote the damn thing. “Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could, from giant cat monsters. And then a giant tornado came and that’s when things got knocked into 12th gear. A Mexican armada shows up. With weapons made from tomatoes. And you better bet your bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business.” Is this ready to be made right now? Hell yes.

10. Jaguar

rick and morty spinoff jaguar

Genre: 1980s Action movie.

Jaguar would tell the story of a man freed from servitude to avenge his family. He has the brains, the guns, and the moves to take down any adversary. It’d be like Rambo meets… well, it’d basically just be Rambo. I’m okay with that.

11. The Vindicators

rick and morty spinoff vindicators

Genre: Sci-fi adventure.

Before the massive in-fighting that ended the Vindicators, they were the greatest superhero team in the known universe. Their spin-off would be incredible — imagine if Firefly and Star Trek had a weird space-baby, but with more ghost trains and ants. Would we get to see Supernova and Million Ants have sexual relations? I hope so.

12. Snowball

Genre: A super heavy kids series.

How about a show all about Snowball, the adorable puppy turned hyper-intelligent cyborg? It would feature a main character that’s cute enough for girls and megalomaniacal enough for boys. It could also have cute lessons taught by adorable animals before they rip apart adversaries with their robotic appendages. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter — two great tastes that taste great together! Will Snowball get new testicles? Watch to find out!

13. Prequel Rick

rick and morty spinoff prequel rick

Genre: The same thing as OG Rick and Morty.

This is just a show about Rick before Morty was ever in the picture. Since we only see small glimpses into the life of Rick Sanchez while he was a lone-wolf, viewers could finally find out what happened to make him such a depressing jerk. Also, how the hell did he meet Bird Person?

14. The Shape-Shifting Aliens

rick and morty spinoff shapeshifting aliens

Genre: Clip show.

Each episode could see a new crazy alien character psycho-manipulating a poor simpleton and rewriting their life. Don’t you wish you had more from the homoerotic Sleepy Gary/Jerry romance? I know I do.

15. Mr. Meeseeks

rick and morty spinoff meeseeks

Genre: Reality Life Improvement.

“I really wish I could be a better dancer.” *Poof* “Hey, It’s Mr. Meeseeks!” That’s how a typical episode would start. But the catch is, these people using the Meeseeks box would be truly terrible, a bunch of veritable Jerrys at whatever they’re trying to master. As the episodes progress, the Meeseeks get more and more irritable, crazy, and eventually psychotic — truly, the best kind of reality show. The tag line? “Life is Pain. It’s Mr Meeseeks!”

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