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Robert Pattinson: Wannabe Rapper

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Yo yo! MC R.P. is in the hiz-ouse!

That's right sexy vampire super star Robert Pattinson was obsessed with rap music as a youngster and really wanted to be the next Eminem.

Robert and his crew were called, no joke, "The Big Tub and the Tappy Cats." Gangsta. 


I'm sure that sweet handle would come with a lot of playground cred… but I don't know if it would have cut it in the real rap world.

"I was obsessed with Eminem when I was younger. When he first came out I was about 12 and fanatical about his Slim Shady CD. I think he's a genius," Pattinson said, and I can't say I disagree. That album is friggin' amazing. Hell, I wanted to be a rapper when I heard it.

The Big Tub (or was Pattinson one of the Tappy Cats?) even wrote his own songs… sorta…

"Most of my rhymes were stolen off other people anyway," R. Pattz told the press. "They were all like, 'I was raised on these streets', which was a complete farce because I was actually raised in quite a nice area of London called Barnes." You can tell you aren't a real rapper when you use the word "farce."

That's pretty funny. We all did some pretty silly stuff when we were younger. I have to give Pattinson some props for coming clean about his former "rap" career. He even admitted to having hundreds of tapes that he made back in the day of him rapping and said that they are pretty funny to listen to now.

Now all we need to do is bust into Mama Pattinson's basement and get our hands on those tapes… then we can sell them to TMZ or Radar OnLine and we'll all be rich.

As far as being the next Slim Shady…

We don't think so.

My sister and I use to tape interviews with ourselves, pretending we were in a fake band that we had made up called "The Nasty Soiree" – we had English accents and everything. Those tapes are hilarious to listen to now

What embarassing things did you do when you were younger? Were you going to be a rapper? A movie star? Ninja?


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