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The Rock Confirms His Real-Life Grandfather Partly Inspired His ‘Moana’ Character, Maui

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Dwayne Johnson gave fans a fun fact about Moana today that made the jaws of Disney fans all over simultaneously drop: his IRL grandfather was a High Chief of Samoa, and he partly inspired Dwayne’s character, Maui the Demigod!

Even though this is very surprising, it’s not really that surprising, you know? After all, those BAMF Rock genes had to come from someone, and it makes perfect sense that they’d come from an actual High Chief. For Dwayne’s grandfather to have served as real inspiration for Dwayne’s iconic Disney character must have been truly special for the Johnson family, despite the fact that his grandfather never got to see the film. Fans were all about Dwayne’s IRL High Chief grandpa inspiring Maui, as evidenced by the awestruck and delighted reactions…

What’s your reaction to Dwayne Johnson being a descendant of a High Chief AND that that High Chief partly inspired Maui? Let us hear your thoughts @Smosh!