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Sadness vs. Depression: Explained in Gifs

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Sadness and depression are not the same, and depression is not just “really, really bad sadness”. Now keep in mind, this is a Smosh article about gifs so THESE ARE GENERALIZATIONS! Also, I’m not a doctor. Doctors never, ever diagnose someone with gifs. If you go to a doctor’s office and they are trying to diagnose you using gifs, they are not a real doctor and you need to leave. That said, here are some gifs to teach you the difference between sadness and depression.

Sadness: crying in the shower

crying shower gif

Depression: not being able to stand up in the shower

crying tub gif

Sadness: crying. Lots of crying

will ferrell gif

Depression: getting to the point where you can’t even cry anymore

Megan Fox gif

Sadness: usually has a reason

breakup woman gif

Depression: no reason necessary! You’re depressed about everything

leslie knope gif

Sadness: crying while eating ice cream

ice cream gif

Depression: that takes too much energy. Just eat whatever’s next to your bed

Legally Blonde gif

Sadness: falling asleep crying

bed crying gif

Depression: inability to sleep or sleeping constantly

Kristen Wiig gif

Sadness: will go away on its own

Lauren Conrad gif

Depression: You may need professional help (and that’s okay!)

Rob Lowe gif

I hope I’ve cleared things up in the way only gifs can. But remember, I’m not a doctor. I lost my license years ago. Do you get the difference between sadness and depression now? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!