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8 Scenes Cut From Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

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Even stretched over two movies they couldn’t show every scene from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” But did you know that at 780 pages J.K. Rowling wasn’t even able to squeeze in every detail she wanted? Here are the scenes that were cut from both the movies and the book.

(WARNING: Spoilers Below!)


1. Neville And Luna’s Awkward First Kiss


Emboldened by destroying the final horcrux—and telling off Voldemort—Neville is ready to walk straight up to Luna and profess his love for her. But just as he’s about to go in for a kiss, Luna tells Neville that every time people kiss a Phlorax is born. And didn’t he know that Phlorax sneezes are what cause the days to get shorter in the winter? But that’s okay because Phlorax tears, when mixed with lime and a Skuffle Bat, used to help turn red into the orange before the Grandinetoppers discovered the color yellow. By the time Luna was finished Neville had completely forgotten what he was about to say and she was off collecting Cluxers to help the moon rise that night.


2. Voldemort’s Cuddle Time With Nagini


Yes, Voldemort was the vilest creature on Earth. And yes, Nagini killed countless men. But that doesn’t mean when the two were alone they weren’t the most adorable thing ever! Like when Voldemort would talk to his wittle snake in a high-pitched, sing-songy version of Parseltongue. Or when Nagini would rest on the Dark Lord’s chest as he told her about his day, including that Death Eater he had a crush on but who wouldn’t pay any attention to him unless he commanded it. Or when the two would cuddle up on the couch together, watching TV, hoping this was the episode that either Rory or Lorelei finally found true love.


3. Hufflepuff House’s Shining Moment


Hufflepuff was always overshadowed by Gryffindor and Slytherin and even outshined by Ravenclaw at times. But Rowling had planned an amazing scene in which the students of Hufflepuff rise as one and pull off a heroic act so remarkable that Dumbledore himself returns from the grave to award them 1,000,000 points. Unfortunately, the deadline for “Deathly Hallows” made it impossible for her to write the scene, leaving us with just a few notes that read “involves a badger,” “somehow trick bad guys with fair play” and “accidentally flood their own basement common room.”


4. Harry’s Bachelor Party


Long after the final battle but before the epilogue 19 years later, Ron throws Harry a giant bachelor party at his parents’ house. Alas, as it so happens every time the Weasleys help Harry in any way, Ron loses two more brothers, both parents, 16 cousins, a visiting grandfather, a twin sister he just found out about ten minutes before the party and the use of all his limbs. But still he remains friends with Potter, who was completely unaware of the death toll thanks to getting smashed on butterbeer and accidentally turning Ron’s last remaining relative into a chocolate frog.


5. Quidditch Game During Voldemort’s Attack


True, Hogwarts was under siege and the campus was burning down to the ground, but the Quidditch season still had four more games left. Besides, you try shoving a Golden Snitch back inside its case after it’s been freed. And so the game went on as the announcer provided such commentary as “DEAR GOD IT BURNS!” and “I FEEL MY SOUL DYING!” while players swiped each other’s brooms in midair to put out the flames on their own Nimbus 2000s. All the while one lone fan remained in the stands, a school administrator who had bet Hogwarts’ entire treasury on the game. Which is why two days after the school’s greatest moment, Hogwarts is foreclosed on.


6. Slytherins Killing Time In Hogwarts Dungeon


Banished to the dungeon by Professor McGonagall right before the school is attacked, the Slytherin students first try to pass the time playing charades, only to realize the answer is always either “Voldemort” or “Harry Potter on fire.” They then try to make up insulting nicknames for Gryffindor, including “Gryffinpoor,” “Bluffindor” and “Sucky Suck Suck House.” Eventually they realize that being wizards they can conjure up booze out of thin air. The students wake up drunk two weeks later, only to realize that Voldemort had lost and the house elves had written “penis” all over their faces.


7. Ron Discovers He’s Attracted To Bellatrix


In order to steal one of the last horcruxes from Gringotts Wizarding Bank, Hermione drinks some polyjuice to turn into Bellatrix. Unfortunately, this is when Ron discovers he has the hots for the Lestrange sister, causing him to ask Hermione to turn into her again and again. This results in Hermione almost getting killed by Ron’s own mother in the final battle at Hogwarts as well as putting a remarkable strain on her and Ron’s marriage in the future. This is why when the last scene fades in the final movie you can make out Hermione giving Ron a sharp slap to the face as she yells, “Get over it already!”


8. Snape Tells Dumbledore Off In Heaven


Having forfeited his own life to fulfill Dumbledore’s wishes and save Harry, Severus greets Albus in heaven with a hard sock to the jaw. When Dumbledore wakes up from the blow Snape does it again. This goes on all for all eternity, which is why it had to be cut from the book, the movie and even the follow-up novel J.K. Rowling had planned to write titled “Snape Keeps Beating the Crap out of Dumbledore in Heaven.”

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