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School Dances: Expectations Vs. Reality

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School dances are the some of best nights of a high schooler’s life. Right? RIGHT? Yeah, maybe if your entire world exists in a Disney Channel Movie. Otherwise, you’re probably gonna be disappointed by your school dance. THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH BUILD UP FOR ONE NIGHT. Pictures, gowns, corsages, limos… it’s a sure thing that something will go wrong. Here are some classic school dance elements you should lower your expectations about:

You’ll be asked/ask in a really cool way

prom pic proposal expectation

You’ll have a romantic prom date

expectations prom date vs reality

You’ll look super hot

dance expectations reality look hot funny

You’ll get a great shot before the dance

school dance photo expectation reality

Your group photos will be poppin’

prom pictures expectation vs reality funny

You’ll go somewhere fancy to eat

school dance expectation reality limo

The dancing will be off the chain

prom pic dancing expectation vs reality

You’ll have fabulous photos at the dance

prom pic expectation vs reality

Sparks will fly

expectations photo romance dance funny


What part of school dances do you think is the most disappointing?? Let me know on Twitter!