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School Punishes Student For ‘Mean’ Facebook Comments???

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This is kind of crazy! The ACLU  filed suit yesterday against a Minnesota School District  for violating one of its student's civil rights. So how were this 12-year-old girl's rights violated? It all started with a Facebook post she made complaining that she hated a hall monitor who was mean to her. The school somehow found out and said that the post amounted to bullying and gave the girl detention and forced her to apologize.  The hall monitor's all like "COME AT ME BRO!"


Well, after she got busted for posting something on Facebook, naturally she went back to Facebook to complain that someone turned her in. And she used foul language in her complaint! Tsk. Tsk. Not too bright young lady, even if it is technically your legal right to do so.  After this incident was discovered (WHA??) she was given an in-school suspension and was no longer allowed to attend a school field trip. Worst. Punishment. EVER! 


Then this sh*t gets real whack, yo. After a mother of another student complained that her son and the girl were talking about sex on FB chat, the school forced the girl to hand over her Facebook and e-mail passwords and searched her chat records with a Sheriff present. WTF??  This school is out of control! Am I right?


Now none of the Facebook posts were made on a school computer and the girl's parents were never informed that the school was searching the girl's chat records. The ACLU claims that not only were the girl's 1st amendment rights violated, but also her fourth amendment rights, which protect you from unreasonable search and seizure. The girl's mother claims that her daughter has been humiliated and is falling behind on her school work after the incident. The most outrageous part of the story is that a 12-year-old girl was on Facebook , when their user policy clearly states that you must be 13!  How did this happen?? HOW?? Clearly this Minnesota town is full of all kinds of badasses. Only a 12-year-old one is about to get PAID.


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