Seven People You Wouldn’t Want to Bring Home to Mom and Dad

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There comes a time in any relationship when you have to introduce your significant other to the fam. It’s a crucial moment, for sure.

As we all know, a bad first impression on your parents could make for a tough go in the relationship. That in mind, make sure you are not bringing the wrong person over to meet Ma and Pa.

That’s just a recipe for disaster.

How many of you have ever brought the wrong person home?


First of all, you wouldn’t even be able to introduce him, since no one speaks his name. Secondly, since your parents are Muggles, you can be sure they’ll meet their demise sooner than you can say “Avada Kedavra!”

Davy Jones

He’s got a permanent case of swamp ass thats been pissing him off since the dawn of time. Your parents will get one whiff of his fish stench and want him out. This will make Davy even angrier and he’ll send your parents to live forever in his infamous locker — where I heard he’s been keeping a tuna sandwich for fourteen centuries.

Darth Vader

Sure, he may seem dark and mysterious, but your dad will not appreciate when he introduces himself as ‘your father’. All that heavy breathing won’t help his case, either.


Though Satan may be sweet to you, you must remember he is the Antichrist. He will bring up everything he can that goes against the Bible whilst in the presence of your parents to make them feel uncomfortable. Murder, coveting thy neighbor’s wife, gays in the military, you name it…he’s a fan.

This Guy

I’m not sure why you’d want to bring him home to your parents. But just in case you’re thinking about it…Don’t.


I know, I know. You love how passionate he is. But your parents won’t appreciate his passion for Genocide.

Your Mom

This is possibly the worst person you can bring home to your mom and dad. It will cause a rupture in the Time-Space Continuum and bring an end to the world as we know it. Why would you want to do that?