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Sex-Ed In Kindergarten

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I think we're in the middle of a jouvenile sexual revolution! First they are handing out condoms to elementary school kids and now a Montana school district will be voting Tuesday, on a proposal to start teaching sex-ed to kindergarteners.



I mean it seems a little young to me but the plan would start with just learning the basics of anatomy. What a nipple is, the proper words for your private parts, ect.



The school district is under fire from school administrators and parents alike.



What's the big deal? Why does everyone want to shelter kids from sex?

I don't think it's such a bad idea. Why are we so uptight about sex in America? Heaven forbid young people might learn the fundamentals about how their own bodies work.



The plan doesn't just focus on kindergarteners of course, it's a full plan of sex-ed that would start in K and go through grade 12.

Second graders would learn about what it is to be gay and to avoid gay slurs.



Fifth graders would be taught all about sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.



It sounds like the plan is to place the thought of safe sex in your head at an early age, so that you're actually learning about sex BEFORE you're doing it… as opposed to later school years when many kids are already doing it.

By the time you're in High School you're just learning how to live a safe, baby-free, disease-free life. Be a clean teen!



I don't see what the big deal is. Let them learn it in school. Lots of kids parents don't discuss sex with their kids until it's too late… if at all. Most of my sex-ed came from school, friends, books and TV shows.



Do you really want your kids to learn about sex from the hos on Jersey Shore?


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