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12 Works of Inexplicable Shadow the Hedgehog Fan Art

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We’ve covered some pretty wacky works of fan art before, but if you’ve been around the Internet for awhile, you know that the Sonic The Hedgehog fan art community is… curious. And what better character to showcase this chaotic curiosity than Shadow The Hedgehog? He’s Sonic’s edgy counterpart; the Tyler Durden to Sonic’s Ed Norton. But according to his fans… he’s a lot of other things, too.

Which piece of Shadow art freaked you out the most? Need any help with the nightmares we’ve caused? Give us a shout on Twitter. And, if you are the artist of one of these pieces, we have one thing to say to you: keep creating. We know it seems like we’re being mean, but these pieces all gave us earnest joy. If this is how you like to express your fandom, don’t let us stop you. Keep going. That’s what Shadow would do.