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Shoes of the Future?: 20 of the Freakiest Images from #HeelConcept on Instagram

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Instagram is not actually just selfies and pictures of food. True, that’s the bulk of it, but buried beneath that flotsam of banality lurks the weirdness. Though the ‘Gram stands out among other social networks as being primarily for usage on mobile devices, this does not exempt it from classic internet weirdness. Hashtags are more than just those symbols you put in front of ironic buzz words/phrases to make them even more cloying. They are also quite effective at aggregation. Sometimes a bunch of weirdos are having the same thought (in this case, what even are shoes, I guess) and hashtags bring these like-minded people together. I don’t know who started #heelconcept, but it is going strong and letting its freak flag fly high. Higher than the heights of the conceptual heels in question, even.





















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