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SHOWDOWN: What Should Be The Next Board Game Movie: Hungry, Hungry Hippos or Candyland?

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Can you imagine the pressure the people who rule Hollywood must got through everyday?  Should I live in Beverly Hills or Bel Air? Aspen or the Swiss Alps this winter? Should I greenlight Transformers 4? No wonder they get paid so much! Well one thing we all know about Hollywood execs is that they love to go for sure things. And what could be surer than the built-in audience that childhood board games will bring you!  Here's your chance to play Hollywood big wig! Which board game will ride on Battleships coat tails?


Hungry, Hungry Hippos

hungry hippos movie


Oh sure, you might think hippos are just adorable chub-a-lubs who gobble up marbles and then spend their days napping underwater, while blowing charming snore bubbles. But the truth is hippos are considered one of the most deadly animals on the planet. I know…RIGHT? They may look cute in stuffed animal form, but they are actually aggressive, filthy pigs IRL. They will trample you to death and then blow crap and urine all over your corpse. I can totally see that scene on the big screen already. Hey, if we can have movies where sweet-looking children are sadistic killers, why not hippos?



candyland movie


It might seem like a board game that takes literally no skill, would make an incredibly boring flick. But think of it as a horror film, Hansel and Gretel meets Pedobear. Lord Licorice could be the next Voldemort! And maybe Queen Frostine is the next  White Witch of Narnia?? Can we get Tilda Swinton? I was all like Hungry Hippos for sure, but now I don't know! DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD PRESSURE!

So which movie would you give the green light to? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


SHOWDOWN: What Should Be The Next Board Game Movie: Hungry, Hungry Hippos or Candyland?

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